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This throate plate combines the flexibility of the stock plate with the ability to do zero clearance cuts at any angle and any dado width.   Having a zero clearance plate adds a couple of benefits.  The most important of which is cleaner cuts as there is support material directly next to the blade.  Dust collection will also be greatly improved as there is far less room for chips and dust to come back out. Having this combination of dado, zero clearance, and stock plate all in one also means that you will never have to level your plate again.  Additional benefits include a much wider selection of options than if you were to buy each of these individually.  This makes this item cheaper over the long run as you already have 13 inserts with additional inserts being $25 for a ten pack.


Whats included:

  • (1) Main ABS plastic body
  • (1) Polycarbonate do all insert (direct replacement of stock plate)
  • (2) 90 degree standard blade zero clearance inserts (smaller space for riving knife)
  • (3) Any angle standard blade zero clearance inserts (larger space for riving knife)
  • (7) Dado zero clearance inserts (no slot for riving knife)

Fits Delta table saw models

  • 36-725 (t1)
  • 36-725t2  
  • 36-5152
  • 36-5000
  • 36-5000T2


Ridgid table saw models

  • R4560


Pro ONE combination throat plate