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These MDF Zero Clearance and Dado Plates are a great budget option to improve cut quality and improve dust collection.


Available in standard and dado.  Dado will have a wider clearance and doesn't have a slot for the riving knife.


Now featuring a magnet to help get that arbor nut that you just dropped when you were switching blades.  You know that we have all done it and now you don't stick your hand in there.  Also added holes along the sides allow for better dust collection.  These allow the air to pass through the plate removing any buildup underneath.  The extra airflow makes it easier on your dust collector as well.


These are the sturdiest zero clearance inserts available.  They are of made of 3/4" thick MDF and allow for the full height of the blade.


1 for $20 or 3 for $45

(If you are looking at a 3 pack check out my Pro model as well.  It comes with 10 inserts.)


Fits Delta table saw models:

  • 36-725 (t1)
  • 36-725t2  
  • 36-5152
  • 36-5000
  • 36-5000T2


Ridgid table saw models:

  • R4560


Made in Montana

MDF Zero Clearance and Dado Throat Plate